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The Ultimate Contemporary Singing Tool Kit

The Voice Essentials 1, 2 and 3 Online Singing Courses cover every aspect of Contemporary Vocal Technique. Buy the bundle and get your voice strong, fit and ready to take on the rigours of contemporary singing.

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You can have it ALL! Grab the Voice Essentials PRO BUNDLE today and we’ll give you lifetime access to all of Dr Dan's learning materials including the 50 Exercise Tracks, all three Exercise eManuals as well as the Voice Essentials 1, 2 & 3 Online Singing Courses.

That’s right! Purchase Dr Dan’s PRO Bundle now and we’ll include lifetime access to the Voice Essentials 3 Online Singing Course once it is released late 2020. This is a MASSIVE SAVING of AU$344.

Dr Dan’s PRO Bundle will retail for AU$497 when the Voice Essentials 3 Online Singing Course is released Dec 1, 2020, so act quickly and don’t miss out on this all-inclusive discount offer!

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Dr Dan Introduces Voice Essentials

What's Included?

The Ultimate Singing Training Bundle

Voice Essentials 1 Online Course

+ Exercise Tracks

+ Exercise Manual

If you’re just starting on your learn-to-sing journey, then we know the 10-Module ‘Voice Essentials 1 Online Singing Course,’ will be the perfect place for you to start. We guarantee this course will be the best thing you ever do for your voice. Let's get started!

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Voice Essentials 2 Online Course

+ Exercise Tracks

+ Exercise Manual

The Voice Essentials 2 Course continues the developmental journey of the Voice Essentials 1 Course, introducing ever-more challenging activities. Breath, pitch and range are all tested with the Voice Essentials 2 Course exercises.

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Voice Essentials 3 Online Course

+ Exercise Tracks

+ Exercise Manual

Voice Essentials 3 Online Singing Course has been designed for those singers who really want to challenge their voice. The course, covering fifteen exercises, is structured to advance your technical skills, stretch your range and strengthening your vocal stamina. 

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The Ultimate Contemporary Vocal Technique Toolkit

The pro bundle has everything you need to go pro with your singing.

  • Breathing

    Challenge and improve your breath management.

  • Pitch

    Improve your ability to hit those notes with confidence and greater ease.

  • Range Extension

    Extend your range and protect your voice with exercises that will build vocal muscle tone.

  • Vocal Tone

    Learn the methods to create richer, more pleasing sounds with your voice.

  • Twang & Belt

    Learn how to hit those high notes without damaging your voice.

  • Articulation

    Learn the industry tips to better articulation.

  • Learn Complex Scales

    Move beyond the Major scale. Learn Minor, Pentatonic, Blues and Chromatic scales.

  • Discover New Vocal Concepts

    Including Sibilant Fricatives, Diphthongs, Onsets, Offsets and Vibrato.

  • Explore Riffs and Runs

    (Voice Essentials 2)

  • Learn to Sing Harmonies

    (Voice Essentials 3)

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Enhance Your Vocal Abilities With the Right Online Singing Teacher

Whether you are a novice or seasoned singer and performer, honing your craft is essential, and what easier way to do this than with an online singing teacher. Voice Essentials is an online voice coach service offering efficient singing courses, classes and support, hosted by the award-winning Dr Daniel K. Robinson (Dr Dan). By taking the step to improve your skills with us, you benefit from over 25 years of teaching experience and 30 years of industry knowledge with one of our refined courses. As a qualified Doctor of Musical Arts, Dr Dan has thoughtfully prepared and structured a collection of singing courses based on various vocal skill levels.

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