The story of Voice Essentials

Voice Essentials is more than just a learning place. Voice Essentials is a community of like-minded people who believe that encouragement and support, alongside quality education, can lead to new outcomes of personal discovery; artistically and vocally.

Voice Essentials has been created to give you a voice! Some of us grow up thinking that only a select few were born to sing. We beg to differ! Here at Voice Essentials, we believe it is the birth-right of every human being to sing. We also know that every voice can be further developed beyond its natural boundaries when the singer is lead along a well-structured pathway of learning.

Voice Essentials started as a collection of exercises that Dr Dan had curated for his private singing students. In 2013, Dr Dan uploaded his first ‘learn to sing’ video about ‘Vocal Warmups’, and he named his YouTube Channel, ‘Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials’ after the namesake of the exercise collection.

Since that time, Dr Dan has uploaded well over four-hundred ‘learn to sing’ videos and the Voice Essentials community continues to grow, both on YouTube and on Facebook. As the online groups have increased, it has become clear that while most singers desire to receive personalised singing lessons, not everyone can afford them. In seeking to respond to this need, Dr Dan has crafted this comprehensive learning environment that offers evidenced-based and academic-level tuition at affordable and accessible prices to adult learners.

We know that you and your voice will enjoy all the learning that Dr Dan has designed for you here at Voice Essentials. Your better voice awaits…

About Dr Dan

Your Voice Essentials Singing Teacher

Singing Voice Specialist

Dr Daniel K. Robinson

Daniel (aka Dr Dan) is an award-winning freelance artist and educator, predominantly teaching in his private studio (Djarts) and performing Australia wide. Daniel regularly presents for conferences as a Singing Voice Specialist, providing workshops and practical learning activities to contemporary vocalists across Australia and abroad. In 2011 Daniel completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

Dr Dan, as he is affectionately known by many of his students, is nationally recognised as one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Singing Voice Specialists with over 25 years of teaching experience and 30 years of performance on the stage. The combined industry strengths of high-level academic credentials and current gigging know-how position Daniel to greatly assist his student’s vocal and artistic development.

Daniel has been called ‘a singers singer’ in reference to his appeal as a performer and has drawn a range of credits from well-respected leaders in the music industry. With two national top 30 singles, Daniel’s outstanding album Fly (released 2006) has been widely celebrated as “Simply Stunning!” Daniel’s 3.5-octave tenor voice is striking, and his ten-year dedication to developing sound technique through training has honed his natural talent to a refined and mature voice that is capable of approaching a range of contemporary styles.

Daniel is currently on the national board of the Australian Voice Association (AVA), having been recently elected to the office of National President. Daniel is also a Full Member of ANATS (Australian National Association for Singing Teachers) which means that you can be fully confident in his expertise and professional currency.