Realise the FULL POTENTIAL of your Singing Voice

Unleash the hidden potential of your singing voice and become the artist you always dreamed of with Voice Essentials. With Dr Dan's comprehensive suite of educational materials, you can discover the secrets to improving your vocals and achieving your singing goals.

Say goodbye to lacklustre performances and hello to a powerful, polished voice that will captivate your listeners. Trust Dr Dan to guide you towards realizing the full potential of your singing voice and taking your talent to the next level.
  • Improve Your Pitch, Breathing and Vocal Range

  • Learn to Sing with More Confidence

  • Sing with a Greater Sense of Freedom

  • Break Down the Barriers to Your Better Voice

  • Perfect for Beginner & Intermediate Singers

Which course should you choose?

Dr Dan explains which course will be best for you.

Your Voice Essentials

The community where everybody sings!

Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials is so much more than a suite of exercises designed to improve the voice for genres like Rock, Pop, Country, RnB, Indie-Folk or modern Music Theatre.

Voice Essentials is a global community of singers who, together, passionately pursue their vocal craft. When you join the Voice Essentials Community, you are connecting with an international society of like-minded people who will encourage you towards your personal singing goals. Your voice will never be the same again after your Voice Essentials journey...

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We know how it feels buying products online so allow us to make it a little easier with this promise: TRY THE VOICE ESSENTIALS 1 ONLINE SINGING COURSE RISK-FREE FOR 30 DAYS. If you don't start to feel and hear the growth in your singing, we'll happily return your payment for a full refund. Conditions Apply
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Real People. Real Results.

What are singers saying about Dr Dan's Voice Essentials?

Rebuild Vocal Confidence


"Dr Dan helped me rebuild my confidence and stamina after a vocal chord injury and equipped me with tools to ensure that I can sing freely, no matter the challenge."

Effortless Singing


"Dr Dan’s technique and exercises have given my voice the stamina to power through each day, and have helped me to RELAX and effortlessly attain the volume necessary for what I do!"

Refreshing Experience


"Working with Dr Dan has been a delightful and refreshing experience that has further enhanced my vocal ability. Being a beginner to singing it was hard to find a safe environment to grow and develop my craft. However Dr Dan has a warm and welcoming vibe to him that helps learning singers such as myself to grow."

Practical Exercises


"Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials exercises are informative, practical and have been instrumental in the development of my voice."

Improve Your Voice


"One word. Remarkable! ... I remember first starting Voice Essentials with Dr Dan with my dream of being good enough to sing in a musical. My voice has improved so much that I've performed in 3 musicals over the last 12 months. If you want to improve your voice, these are the exercises for you. You won't be disappointed."

Fun and Effective


"My singing journey took off when I found Dr Dan and Voice Essentials! Dan's teaching is relaxed, practical and learner oriented☺. His singing exercises are brilliant; task specific, fun and effective! Love it!!"

Clear Explanation


"Getting inStudio lessons from Dr Dan, I can say it’s been worth the investment and Voice Essentials which Dr Dan explains things clearly is a must for vocal development."

Develop Your Voice with Online Singing Lessons

Whether you are a beginner wanting to develop a new skill or an experienced vocalist who desires to take on a new challenge, our contemporary online singing lessons are sure to meet your requirements. You can readily train your voice from the comfort of your home with our reliable, fact-based and science-supported singing courses. Our beginner course contains a wealth of musical knowledge that will teach you eight technical foundations of singing including breathing, tension management, vocal tone and more, as well as instructional videos and exercises so you can perform with confidence. You can start at the beginning and move on to our intermediate and advanced courses or commence your lessons at the level that suits you.

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