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The Voice Essentials suite of singing exercises have been designed to challenge your voice across the eight areas of technical development: Body, Breath Management, Channel, Phonation, Resonance, Pitch, Loudness, Articulation.

  • 19-Page Manual with detailed instructions for each Exercise

  • Download and Print the PDF Document for Easy Access

  • Each Lesson sheet includes a supplementary Instructional Video

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What's Included?

The Lesson sheets provide a full explanation of the exercise to be sung, musical notation, ways in which the activity can be extended as well as insights into the inherent challenges you might face when doing the exercise.

Furthermore, every lesson sheet is accompanied by a supplementary Instructional Video (QR Code) designed to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, every lesson sheet has the ‘Areas of Focus’ chart showing which of the eight technical areas is being developed by that exercise. This schematic will help you to ‘focus’ your attention to the right areas of development as you practice.

NB: The exercise audio tracks referenced in this eManual are sold separately.

    1. Download Dr Dan's Singing Exercise eManual #2

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