The Next Level

Take your voice to the next level with the Voice Essentials 2 Exercise Collection. The perfect companion for those who want to practice their singing after their Voice Essentials 2 Course is complete.

Voice Essentials 2 continues your vocal development with 17 task-specific singing exercises. If you're looking for a real challenge, then we know you will love the Voice Essentials 2 collection.

  • Download the Voice Essentials mp3 tracks onto your mobile device for easy access.

  • Practice your singing technique where you want and when you want.

  • The Voice Essentials 2 Exercise Collection extends the voice with activities designed to stretch the voice.

Purchase Voice Essentials 2 Exercise Collection

For only AU$24.95 you can play and download eighteen singing exercises designed to prepare the voice for the rigours of contemporary vocals.

Please note that after purchase, access to play and download the files is made available for 12 months. We recommend downloading the tracks onto your mobile device for unlimited access.

Complete Track Listing


Purchase Voice Essentials 2 BUNDLE (Tracks + eManual) and save AU$15