Take the Next Step

The Voice Essentials 2 Course continues the developmental journey of the Voice Essentials 1 Course, introducing ever-more challenging activities. Breath, pitch and range are all tested with the Voice Essentials 2 Course exercises.

  • There's more to music than the major scale. Get ready to test your intonation with new and exciting scales and intervals.

  • Breathing is foundational to great singing. Throughout the Voice Essentials 2 Course your breath management will be challenged.

  • If you're looking to extend your range then the Voice Essentials 2 Course will excite your vocal folds.

  • The perfect follow-on course from Voice Essentials 1. In fact, we strongly recommend you complete Voice Essentials 1 before beginning this course.

Course Curriculum

– Currently Under Construction –

  • 1

    Module 1: Vocal Sirens

    • Ex 19 – Full Range Vocal Sirens

    • Module 1 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 19

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  • 2

    Module 2: Breath Management – Sibilant Fricatives

    • Ex 20 – Sibilant Fricatives

    • Module 2 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 20

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  • 3

    Module 3: Introducing Minor Scales (Triads)

    • Ex 21 – Minor Scales (Ascending & Descending)

    • Module 3 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 21

    • Ex 22 – Minor Scales (First Inversion)

    • Module 3 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 22

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 4

    Module 4: Minor Octave Arpeggios & Natural Minor Scale

    • Ex 23 – Minor Octave Arpeggio (Ascending & Descending)

    • Module 4 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 23

    • Ex 24 – Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode)

    • Module 4 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 24

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 5

    Module 5: Vocal Onsets and Offsets

    • Ex 25 – Onsets (Hard-Soft-Balanced)

    • Module 5 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 25

    • Ex 26 – Offsets (Hard-Soft-Balanced)

    • Module 5 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 26

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 6

    Module 6: Pentatonic Scales – Major & Minor

    • Ex 27 – Major Pentatonic Scale

    • Module 6 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 27

    • Ex 28 – Minor Pentatonic Scale

    • Module 6 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 28

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 7

    Module 7: Messa di Voce

    • Ex 29 – Messa di Voce

    • Module 7 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 29

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 8

    Module 8: Articulation

    • Ex 30 – Lady Gaga (Articulation)

    • Module 8 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 30

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 9

    Module 9: Range Extension – Double Octaves

    • Ex 31 – Double Octave Major Scale

    • Module 9 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 31

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 10

    Module 10: Vocal Agility – Major to Minor Triads

    • Ex 32 – Major-Minor Triads (Vocal Agility)

    • Module 10 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 32

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 11

    Module 11: Vocal Agility – Octave Intervals

    • Ex 33 – Octave Intervals (Vocal Agility)

    • Module 11 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 33

    • Value Add Viewing

  • 12

    Module 12: Vocal Riffs & Runs

    • Ex 34 – Riffs and Runs (Major)

    • Ex 35 – Riffs and Runs (Major)

    • Module 12 Lesson Sheet – Exercise 34 & 35

    • Value Add Viewing

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Included Learning Materials

Your vocal success is our primary concern, so we've included a range of learning materials designed to support your educational journey.

  • Downloadable Lesson Sheets

    Every module in the Voice Essentials 2 Course provides a downloadable lesson sheet designed to direct your learning long after you've completed the course materials.

  • Evidenced-based Learning

    When you engage with a Voice Essentials Course you can rest easy knowing that all of the learning materials have been designed with the latest research in mind. Are you ready to start your evidenced-based learning journey?

  • Interact with fellow Students

    Your journey is further enhanced as you interact with fellow students. Start a discussion or jump in and offer support to other singers as you work your way through the learning materials.

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Going to the Next Level?

We know your voice is ready to take the next step and we look forward to working with you in the Voice Essentials 2 Course.

Your Singing Instructor

Supporting your vocal journey

Singing Voice Specialist

Dr Daniel K. Robinson

Daniel (aka Dr Dan) is an award-winning freelance artist and educator, predominantly teaching in his private studio (Djarts) and performing Australia wide. Daniel regularly presents for conferences as a Singing Voice Specialist, providing workshops and practical learning activities to contemporary vocalists across Australia and abroad. In 2011 Daniel completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

Dr Dan, as he is affectionately known by many of his students, is nationally recognised as one of Australia’s leading Contemporary Singing Voice Specialists with over 25 years of teaching experience and 30 years of performance on the stage. The combined industry strengths of high-level academic credentials and current gigging know-how position Daniel to greatly assist his student’s vocal and artistic development.

Daniel has been called ‘a singers singer’ in reference to his appeal as a performer and has drawn a range of credits from well-respected leaders in the music industry. With two national top 30 singles, Daniel’s outstanding album Fly (released 2006) has been widely celebrated as “Simply Stunning!” Daniel’s 3.5-octave tenor voice is striking, and his ten-year dedication to developing sound technique through training has honed his natural talent to a refined and mature voice that is capable of approaching a range of contemporary styles.

Daniel is currently on the national board of the Australian Voice Association (AVA), having been recently elected to the office of National President. Daniel is also a Full Member of ANATS (Australian National Association for Singing Teachers) which means that you can be fully confident in his expertise and professional currency.